[lifestyle + travel photographer]

Hey there, my name is Abby White and I have been pursuing the art of photo-taking ever since I was 14 years old! That, and making creative videos are two things I love doing most in this world. My favourite thing to shoot? PEOPLE + PLACES. You only live once, so being able to document some of the most important moments in life is so so special to me. I am based in Southern Ontario, but available (and gladly willing) to travel worldwide!

Let's hang out! I'll take you on an adventure. Want to hike to a waterfall? I'm in! Climb a mountain? I'm in! Sometimes, the harder the destination is to get to, the more beautiful it is! With me, you'll be doing less "cheeses" into the camera, and instead more dancing into the sunset, cuddling in long grass, or running through the water barefoot! I strive to capture the true moments I witness when you're most the comfortable, just laughing and hanging out.

Thing's I like that you will most likely come across on this blog: my love for creating videos, travelling, cooking, my cozy apartment, my cat + all things photography.