If you have the chance to visit Isla Mujeres - GO! It's off the coast of Cancun, Mexico and is totally worth the 20 minute ferry ride (which is entertainment itself). You will see some amazing clear blue waters, and views of a lifetime. Here is all you need to know about taking the trip to this beautiful island:

isla mujeres


I took an Ultramar ferry to the island, and it was great! They have a couple different pickup locations in Cancun, so you can hop on whichever is the closet to your hotel. The ride was only about 30 minutes and $20 per person round trip. (

When you arrive on the Island the first thing I suggest you do is rent a golf cart. You'll hear people right away offering to rent you them. I think we paid around $50 for the day. Totally worth it so you can get around easily and explore the entire island!

To do:

I literally just spent the first couple hours driving around on the golf cart with the wind in my hair, exploring! Find a beach, go stick your toes in the water, take a look at all the colourful walls. Stop by a local fruit stand and get some fresh mango! Or wander through the many shops - you never know the great finds you might come across. 

Punta Sur:

This place is a MUST SEE when you are on the island! Seriously, some of the nicest views I've ever seen! 


We decided to head over to 'Garrafon Natural Reef Park' for some snorkelling. It was crowded, overpriced, and super touristy, so we thought we would find somewhere else. Instead, we stumbled upon 'Garrafon de Castilla' which was a great experience! After spending less than 25$, we got snorkelling equipment, a locker and a spot on the beach with two loungers. It wasn't the fanciest, but that didn't matter! We spent our time relaxing and enjoying the fishes. Definitely a hidden gem.


My favourite part of everything is usually the food. Since we were there for a day drip, we only got to try one restaurant, but we sure picked a good one. We enjoyed some super fresh fish taco's at 'Bally Hoo' and sat right on the water, it was so lovely! Definetley the best fish tacos I've ever had! 'Acantilado' was another restaurant that had some of the most amazing patio views, we didn't try the food but it looked delicious!

Sailing on the ferry into the sunset was the perfect ending to a perfect day. If you have any questions at all about Isla Mujeres, please shoot me an email or Instagram DM! Want to save these tips? Feel free to pin this blog post!